Web of Lies

Dangerous online interactions.



Duration:43 min




Season 1 - Web of Lies
"For lonely realtor Mary Kay Beckman the dream of finding love through internet dating sites becomes a living nightmare when a relationship with a seemingly charming online admirer turns in to a race against time to track down a psychopath."
"13 year-old Kacie Woody meets two male friends via the internet \u2013 Scott, from Atlanta; and Dave, a surfing enthusiast from California. But one of these boys is not what he seems, as Kacie's innocent online contacts turn to tragedy."
"Two days before her due date, pregnant teen Amanda Howard gets into the car of a seemingly generous stranger she met online. But when her new acquaintance turns out to have a sickening plan, Amanda and her baby are left fighting for their lives."
"George Weber is on the New York morning radio show. When he doesn't show for work, police discover his mutilated body in his apartment. Investigation of his on line activity exposes George's private life and may provide the key to nailing his murderer."
"Single mom Jenn Clark thinks she\u2019s found the man of her dreams on a dating site, but little does she know Ray Holycross is a sociopath who preys on vulnerable women. When she creates a plan to trap him, she\u2019s not sure she\u2019ll make it out alive."
"When teenager Emma and 20 year old Sam meet online, Emma thinks she\u2019s found love. But when Sam comes to visit she sees he\u2019s not at all the boy she imagined. Emma rejects her admirer and he takes it badly, placing Emma and her family in mortal danger."
Season 2 - Web of Lies
"Autumn Pasquale, 12, loves her new BMX and networks with fellow fans online for tips and tricks to deck it out. But on Homecoming Day 2012, Autumn - and her beloved new bike - go missing. A trail is left behind on Facebook, but where will it lead?"
"City-girl Leslie Belkin moves south and meets a man on Craigslist. At first George seems perfect - he's nice and helpful around the yard. But once she discovers his criminal record, she realizes she isn't the only casual encounter George has made online."
"Megan Meier, a vulnerable 13-year old living in a small town in Missouri, turns to the internet for socialization outside of school. When she meets 16-year old Josh online, she falls in love. But this love story turns tragic as the web of lies unravels."
"Lonely teen Jessica Sacco turns to the internet to find other so-called \"Juggalos\" who share her interests in edgy music. There, she makes new friends and even finds a boyfriend. She moves in with them, and soon finds herself unable to escape their grip."
"Unemployed David Pauley applies to a Craigslist ad offering a tantalizing lifeline just as the recession hits. The job sounds perfect: a live-in caretaker for a ranch in Ohio. But just as soon as he is hired, he disappears - and he isn't the first."
"After a troubled childhood, 13-year old Christina Long's life seems to be on the up and up. Now living with her beloved Aunt Shelly, Christina is a popular honor student and cheerleader. But when her online life is revealed, it tells a more tragic story."
"36-year old Indle King courts beautiful 18-year old Anastasia Solovieva online. She travels from her home in Kyrgyztan to Seattle to marry him, but her American dream turns into a nightmare when she realizes that Indle is not the man she thought he was."
"Texas A&M University professor Dr. Jim Aune appears to have it all, but unknown to his family or students, his life is in freefall as dark online secrets threaten to spill out into real life."
"Barry Hornstein accidentally detonates a pipe bomb in his own driveway when he kicks a mysterious package. Suddenly, an online terror campaign against his 17-year old son ensues, leading police to wonder who wants to hurt the Hornsteins, and why?"
"Jamie Stice is seven months pregnant. But with no father around, she reaches out to the internet to share her hopes and fears. As the weeks progress, Jamie enters a dark world that will shatter her dreams and change the life of her unborn child forever."
"Shortly after Chris Coleman starts a new job as Security Chief for a Christian ministry, he begins receiving threatening emails. Then, tragedy strikes: his wife and two sons are found dead. Police must work to trace the emails back to the killer."
"12-year-old Justin Bloxom is addicted to MySpace and attached to his cell phone. One night, Justin sneaks out of a friend's house to meet a new friend, but never returns. The investigation unravels a tangled web of fake identities and false promises."
"Teenagers Robert and Grace meet online and fall in love. After several years, Robert moves 2000 miles to be closer to Grace. When her father nixes an attempt to meet in the real world, the pair hatch a plot online that will change their lives forever."
Season 3 - Web of Lies
"Michael Reiter goes missing after accepting a date with a new Facebook friend."
"A teen girl's online romance turns tragic when she fails to return home after meeting a man for a second time."
"A young mother turns to the Internet for help when her son is felled by a mysterious illness."
"The investigation into the murder of an aspiring young boxer unearths a long-hidden family secret."
"A 15-year-old girl agrees to meet a Facebook friend."
"After her parents' divorce, a girl opens up to an online friend who offers to help. She later disappears and a telephone call leaves her parents realizing that she didn't leave by choice."
"After losing 200 pounds, a woman flirts with men online, then she fails to turn up to work one day."
"Having come out of an abusive relationship, a girl attempts to find love on a popular dating site."
"Having moved to the idyllic town of Gulfport, Candy Williams meets a handsome stranger at the beach, but thinks soon become a real-life nightmare as his past is revealed."
"A divorcee turns to the internet for romance and soon meets a sexy entrepreneur. But when she's found brutally murdered in her own home, detectives discover that Sheila was lured into the dark world of S&M."
"A 28-year-old is catfished by an online prankster. Incensed, he sets his target on the only person he can think of -- the girl in the pictures."
"College freshman Jason Rodriguez finds freedom online when he begins dating several young women who pique his interest, then he turns up dead after agreeing to meet one of them in person."
Season 4 - Web of Lies
"A single mom is excited when she meets a popular, good-looking guy online, and is filled with hope as their friendship blossoms. But when she goes to meet him in the flesh, her dream date turns into a living nightmare."
"A high-school student falls for a blonde beauty online. But the course of virtual love doesn't run smooth as the past collides with a toxic present, shattering lives."
"A lonely musician thinks he's found his dream woman in Brazil through an online dating Web site. But as the exotic romance heats up, money starts to go missing."
"A retiree moves to Florida to be closer to his son, but loneliness consumes him. He turns to Internet dating and finds a 69-year-old companion, but is soon struck by a rush of unexplained illnesses."
"A woman adopts a 6-year-old on an online re-homing forum for children. She's soon inspired to help re-home other children, but is horrified when she discovers two of the children may have fallen into the clutches of a child abuser."
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Season 5 - Web of Lies
"Fifteen-year-old Audrie Pott has no recollection of what happened at a friend's house party, then lewd photographs of her are shared through text messages, turning her world upside down and pushing her to the edge."
"Vulnerable mother Laura Simonson seeks comfort in the online world of sexual bondage and falls prey to a user who goes by the handle, Mr. Handcuffs."
"Brilliant teenager Breck Bednar has a passion for computers and online gaming, then he becomes ensnared by a young man who engages him in a deadly game."
"Radio disc jockey Alan Lee Lama moves more than a thousand miles to be with a woman he met online, then her best friend gets involved, ensnaring Lama in a bizarre love triangle."
"Firefighter Sam Dreher and his wife, Danielle, are the perfect couple until their hopes of happiness are dashed and their marriage fails; Sam falls in love with another woman, triggering a chain of events that spirals out of control."
"U.S. Army veteran Maribel Ramos disappears after arranging to meet an online admirer, leaving her family and friends desperate for answers; detectives uncover a twisted tale of jealousy and rage during the investigation into her disappearance."
"Dallas teen track star Shania Gray is left traumatized after being raped while babysitting; when a new social media friend offers support, she opens up to him, leading Shania into a trap that ends in tragedy."
"Nicole White is in the middle of a bitter custody battle when she vanishes. Suspicion falls on an online date until her husband turns up unexpectedly with his face scratched. Who is responsible for Nicole's disappearance - and can she be found alive?"
"When Ashley Pegram goes missing after meeting a man through a dating app, the race to find her focuses on her internet admirer. Detectives soon discover she is caught up in a nightmarish trap set by an online predator with murder on his mind."
Season 6 - Web of Lies
"When a single mom finds her dream man online, she can't believe her luck. But her quest to meet him soon turns into every mother's worst nightmare. As police scramble to avert tragedy, they discover the most elaborate web of lies they've ever seen."
"After a teenage house party spirals out of control, a shocking photo goes viral around the local schools; a vicious campaign of cyber bullying ensues that drives an innocent girl to take desperate action."
"When a young mother of three plummets into depression, she turns to the internet to find comfort. What she discovers is a virtual world of fetishes and fantasies, where seemingly helpful hands hide the darkest of intentions."
"Three young girls meet a new friend online. Like other boys in the chat rooms, he's around their age, friendly, and flirtatious. Months later his demeanor shifts, trapping the girls in a vicious game from which they can't escape."
"When a tech-savvy computer wiz fails to make the grade as a pro video gamer, he becomes obsessed with finding internet infamy. What starts as an online prank spirals into a new, deadly crime called \"swatting\" that chills the nation."
"When a beautiful young woman moves to New York City, a chance encounter leads to romance. But her new boyfriend finds her popularity on social media hard to swallow. A tragic chain of events unfolds in which her unique tattoo plays a critical role."
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